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So, we’re still working on the whole “publication” thing.

Final cover coming soon!


Phantasia Book One

Available Summer 2022

The Geist exist to ferry souls away from dead bodies and into the gates of the afterlife. At least that’s what Ash Murphy was told after he became one when he died. Death surrounds Ash at every corner, but the other Geist seem to be coping a lot better than he is, what with their constant parties and revelry. While dealing with coddling and half-truths from his superior and new best friend, Clementine, Ash catches the ire of the Brotherhood of Eternity, a cult that thinks the Geist are behind the deaths of every soul they reap. But, it seems like the only person that sees them as an actual threat is Ash. Confused, angry, and massively undertrained, he’s ready for a fight, and decides it’s his job to singlehandedly take down the Brotherhood, even if it means crossing paths with the hunky, brooding Brother who he totally doesn’t have any feelings for whatsoever. None at all.